For the third year in a row, we are awarded for our involvement in supporting the education and development of disadvantaged communities!

For the third year in a row, we are awarded for our involvement in supporting the education and development of disadvantaged communities!

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Two new distinctions received for the special results obtained by the We Care Together program!

Corporate social responsibility (CSR), a fundamental concept integrated from the beginning in our business activities and of the Group which we are a part, nowadays has come to play a fundamental role in the life of the business environment abroad and in Romania, regardless of the industry we are talking about.

CSR is increasingly moving from an “optional” aspect to one considered necessary due to the desire of businesses to reduce their impact on the environment and to make a real contribution to the growth of the communities they belong to and to solving pressing social problems.

This change of perspective shows us that this direction, together with our constant efforts from the last 12 years, is striving, considering that doing good deeds is the only investment that cannot fail.

This is precisely why, together with our colleagues, we are constantly involved in providing people from disadvantaged communities with access to education and the necessary resources for a better life.

In this context, more than 3 years ago, we’ve launched “We Care Together”, an internal program born out of the desire to offer vulnerable people, especially children, access to education and the development of skills necessary for a better future and a better job. “We Care Together” was designed to allow our colleagues to get involved in helping and providing support in countering some harsh realities that the society we are part of faces, realities accentuated by the pandemic:

  • the school dropout rate increased dramatically, the average being 15.6%, with an almost double percentage in rural areas (26%),
  • the phenomenon of functional illiteracy affects approximately 45% of young Romanians, even if they are still in school
  • limited access to education also means that the level of digital skills is extremely low, only 10% of the population having higher digital skills, while 90% of jobs in the EU require such skills for most available jobs, regardless of the field or profession we are talking about.

All these complex situations are addressed through strategic partnerships with 15 NGOs and through the active involvement of our colleagues who dedicate their time and expertise to inspire and support the less fortunate among us.

It is not surprising that, last year, through the involvement of our partners and colleagues, the results of “We Care Together” exceeded the initial objectives. The activities supported through this umbrella project have positively influenced over 150,000 beneficiaries, from children or adults from disadvantaged categories, to persons from minorities at risk of social and economic exclusion, or to persons with disabilities. In addition, over 1,000 colleagues were actively involved in over 300 sessions specially designed together with NGOs, to inspire and offer new skills and perspectives to the beneficiaries participating in each project.

Thanks to these incredibly good results, we are delighted to announce that our “We Care Together” program has received a well-deserved recognition through two awards. The first distinction, “CSR Initiative of the year”, was awarded at the Romanian Business Services Forum & Awards organized by The Diplomat & Outsourcing Today. The second distinction, “Business Leader in CSR”, was awarded by ABSL.

The 9th edition of the Romanian Business Services Forum & Awards, organized by The Diplomat & Outsourcing Today, is one of the most well-known events of the Romanian business outsourcing industry. It is meant to give recognition for the excellent results of the national business outsourcing sector. The award for the “We Care Together” program is based on our outstanding commitment to supporting education.

The ABSL Awards Gala is another well-known event from us that celebrates the outstanding contribution of companies in the local outsourcing sector. This year, ABSL celebrated the 8th edition of the gala, and the “Business Leader in CSR” recognition was awarded based on the fact that our program has created sustainable educational ecosystems that favor the development of disadvantaged people in rural areas.

These awards honor us because they are a confirmation of the fact that the effort and involvement of everyone in this program have made “We Care Together” a significant initiative, with results that have a big impact on the lives of the beneficiaries. We are aware that access to education and a better life for vulnerable people requires continuous involvement. That is precisely why we aim to constantly exceed our achievements with the support of our NGO partners,” said Roxana Patrascu, Head of Communication and Citizenship

Let’s continue working together to create a better and more sustainable future for the next generations!