Raluca’s journey in becoming a cutting-edge specialist

Raluca’s journey in becoming a cutting-edge specialist

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Raluca shares her experience regarding the talent management program she recently took part in. Find out below how was her experience!

It has been a transformative 1-year experience that has positively impacted both my personal and professional growth.


The participation to the SG GSC Talent Program was a key mission for my future development here, as I strongly believed it would offer me the opportunity to be involved in topics that will connect me further to the ecosystem of the organization, will increase my tolerance to ambiguity and will make me focus on what the future can hold. I see myself as a passionate learner, constantly on the lookout for new information on the ever-changing world and the impacts on my profession. I have a curious mind fueled by dopamine highs I get from new work and life oriented experiences, places, and people. These attributes represent my key strengths and I consider they made me a suitable candidate for the talent management program.

At the same time, I was sure that by collaborating with colleagues who are also part of the program I will gain a more global perspective and I will improve my strategic vision. I wanted to take part in a program that focuses on collective and individual success, where conditions that breed innovation are created and where commitment is encouraged.

The journey

From the moment I joined the program, I was impressed by the thoughtfulness and structure of the curriculum. The program covered a wide range of topics related to people management development, including identifying and nurturing potential, effective leadership skills, performance management, and career progression strategies. Each module was meticulously designed, providing a comprehensive understanding of management principles and best practices.

This flagship program allowed me to be a part of a culture of self and experiential learning. I was able to pick the activities best suited to my learning style. There was a healthy mix of virtual flagship sessions, e-learning, peer to peer interventions, subscriptions, action learning projects, leaders connect and coaching to aid my development journey.

One aspect that truly stood out was the caliber of the program facilitators and mentors. They were professionals with extensive experience in management and were incredibly passionate about sharing their knowledge. Their guidance and mentorship throughout the program were invaluable. They provided great insights, practical advice, and thought-provoking challenges that pushed me to expand my horizons and think beyond my comfort zone.

The program also incorporated interactive workshops, group discussions, and real-world case studies, which allowed me to apply the concepts and theories in a practical setting. The collaborative nature of the program fostered a vibrant learning environment, where I had the opportunity to engage with fellow participants from diverse backgrounds. The exchange of ideas and perspectives greatly enriched the learning experience and provided a platform for networking and building long-lasting professional relationships.

I also had the opportunity to further develop some core competencies such as:

  • organizational agility which helped me to deepen my understanding on the dynamics of the organization and keep a lookout for new trends in the industry,
  • challenging Status Quo to identify opportunities of change and experiment with a start-up mindset,
  • 360 Communicator-Influencing others increased my ability to gain others support for ideas, proposals and solutions ,
  • stakeholder management helped me focus the wellbeing of self in terms of mental and spiritual health. I can say I have now a better stakeholder management capability.

Moreover, the program emphasized continuous learning and development. It equipped me with the tools and resources to create a personalized development plan tailored to my specific goals and aspirations. The ongoing support and follow-up sessions ensured that I stayed on track and made progress towards my objectives

The benefits

I am thrilled to share the numerous benefits I have experienced after completing the talent management program. It has truly been a game-changer in my professional journey, opening new opportunities and empowering me to excel in my role.

First and foremost, since completing the talent management program, I have gained a deeper understanding of the various aspects involved in management, enabling me to identify and nurture high-potential individuals, motivate and engage teams, and drive overall organizational success.

Moreover, another notable benefit of completing the talent management program is the continuous learning and development. The program emphasized the importance of lifelong learning and equipped me with the tools and resources to continue my growth journey. I have embraced a growth mindset and actively seek out new knowledge and skills to stay at the forefront of management practices. This commitment to ongoing learning has allowed me to adapt to changing circumstances and bring innovative approaches to management within my organization.

Overall, the talent management program has been a game-changer for me. It has not only enhanced my knowledge and skills but also boosted my confidence as a leader. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to advance their career in management or enhance their ability to effectively manage and develop talent within their organization.