Tudor & Alexandra share with us what it’s like on their first job

Tudor & Alexandra share with us what it’s like on their first job

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We’ve recently started our first edition of Young Graduates (YGAIN) program, designed for talented individuals, final year students and young graduates, ready to start their professional journey and looking to gain practical experience in a real-world work environment.

YGAIN! is a great way to get hands-on experience and build skills that will help any student reach their career aspirations.

Our new YGAIN! colleagues have already a month within our company during which they already started to learn about our activities, to meet their new teams and get to know the colleagues who will soon become their mentors and friends.

Tudor and Alexandra, two of our newest YGAIN colleagues shared with us their impressions about the program so far and how they adapted to their first job.

Q1: What is you role in SG GSC ?

Tudor Pica: Being in my first job in an IT department, my activities at this moment mean offering support to my colleagues within the project management operation team.

Tanase Nicoleta Alexandra: I work in the IT support department. My attributions include solving issues that my colleagues encounter when working with different internal applications.

Q2: What did you like the most in SG GSC, so far?

Tudor Pica: My team! I’m part of a great group of people who are guiding and helping me become an IT expert. My entire journey in SG GSC was filled with constant support from the teams and everyone I’ve interacted with. I can say with confidence that it’s the most positive work experience I’ve ever had, and I’m sure that with my team’s guidance I will manage to have the career that I want.

Tanase Nicoleta Alexandra: Glad to say that my experience in GTS is a great one! Of course, most of this comes from the support and encouragement I receive from my team. Everyone is involved in helping me adapt to the work environment, to understand the new applications I will work with. It’s amazing to see so much involvement in my team!


Q3: How was the interaction with colleagues?

Tudor Pica: Great! All the colleagues I ‘ve interacted with were extremely receptive, helpful and they received me with openness and acceptance. The atmosphere here is relaxed, people are working and having fun at the same time. They are positive and confident, and this make me feel very comfortable in my new team. I’m happy to say that, as a new joiner, it’s amazing to have this open interaction and connection with people you’ve just met. It makes everything feel easier.

Tanase Nicoleta Alexandra:  I can say that it was a positive and open interaction from day one. My colleagues took the time to present each activity and to explain how I can contribute to my team’s evolution and development. I feel like I’ve always been part of this team!

Q4: Let us know a little bit about you

Tudor Pica I’m all into games. I spend my free time doing puzzles and Rubik cubes. I’m also a YouTube fan, I use it for educational purposes and for entertainment.

Tanase Nicoleta Alexandra: Nature is my second home. 😊 I enjoy cycling and spending time in the outdoors with my family and friends.