What`s next after interviews @ SGEBS?

What`s next after interviews @ SGEBS?

Citește în continuare

Citește în continuare

Recruiting the best candidate for a job is a key principle of Societe Generale European Business Services while sourcing and selecting the candidates, accountable for it being the Recruitment Team of SG EBS. The candidates selected will be receiving an offer letter from the second team involved: HR Corporate.

After the candidates become employees, HR Corporate Team`s focus is to keep the employees` interest with SG EBS as much as possible and increase their professional level of expertise by encouraging the transversal exposure. That`s why we are constantly seeking ways of doing things better for our colleagues and encourage a real partnership with their HR Business Partner.

The current structure of the HR Corporate Team in Romania involves 6 HRBPs, professionals with significant experience in HR areas like talent acquisitions, employee relations and performance management.

The 6 HRBPs in SG EBS are:

Maria Bocai (HRBP for SG EBS Corporate)

Cristina Balanescu (HRBP for SSC FIN)

Bogdan Sestac (HRBP for SSC FIN)

Gratiela Olteanu (HRBP for SSC HR)

Alina Iancu (HRBP for SSC IT)

Andrei Ciubuc (HRBP for SSC IT)

by Maria Bocai