Charitable Events in SG EBS – FDP & CODE Kids Associations

Charitable Events in SG EBS – FDP & CODE Kids Associations

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SG EBS is continuing its mission and promise towards the associations we are working with therefore, during the last days, there were some events organized with FDP – Protagonisti in Educatie & CODE Kids, together with volunteers from our company, who wanted to get more involved in these projects and interact with these amazing children.

On Sunday, 27th of October, our Touch Rugby team dedicated their time teaching 18 children from FDP, from Giulesti Sarbi community, how to play touch rugby.

Of course, they taught the children the importance of sports, how to collaborate, communicate and trust one another. Cause this is what rugby means, in two words “Team Spirit” and also, one of the core values of SG.

After 2 hours of playing on the field, all participants enjoyed watching the semi-finals of the Rugby World Cup and got to spend more time together, getting to know better all the children.

In the over 20 years since its inception, FDP’s mission is to promote the human dignity of the most disadvantaged people in our communities, building on the experience of each of them and involving them as real protagonists of their lives.

On Monday, 28th of October, 9 people from Transformation Office team went to Codlea, Brasov County, where they met around 35 children from 4 CODE Kids Clubs in the area.

Our colleagues prepared three activities for the kids and they challenged their creativity and imagination, during a workshop called “Be an Entrepreneur”, where they had to design their own products/services, their company and convince the jury to invest in their ideas.

They did an amazing job and came up with really detailed plans and out of the box concepts, very innovative and bold ideas.

CODE Kids – Children are coding in public libraries aims to create a coding and STEM movement in which children, young people and librarians from rural and small urban environments develop their digital competencies and engage in the life of their community, by solving creative digital themes.