Irrespective of the season, volunteering for doing good remains a strong feature in our personal and company’ DNA!

Irrespective of the season, volunteering for doing good remains a strong feature in our personal and company’ DNA!

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Citește în continuare

Irrespective of the season, our aim, to positively impact the society and to create a better tomorrow for vulnerable communities, has been successfully transformed into reality with the help of our colleagues.

In the first half of 2022, we’ve managed to unfold around 100 volunteering activities with the help of over 700 colleagues, in the benefit of Romanian children, people in need or visually impaired persons, teachers or families fleeing in our country from conflict areas.

For example, in March and April, our colleagues and the company teamed up to raise donations for UNICEF’s programs dedicated to helping the refugee Ukrainian children and their families during their stay in our country.

And our efforts for supporting those less fortunate continued despite the panemic context, even during the summer months, with colleagues helping the “Red Cross district 6” staff select donations sent for refugees or people in need or getting involved in implementing activities designed to help these vulnerable persons.

Regarding education, together with “FDP Protagonisti in Educatie” or World Vision Romania NGOs, we’ve helped children from disadvantaged families or from areas with low access to information keep up with classes and learn new skills (through online lessons for English, learning how to work in teams and collaborate better, how to assertively communicate and offer feedback in a constructive manner or how to make a good presentation and speak better in public). In addition to these things, together with Junior Achievement Romania NGO, part of the “Job Incubator” educational program, we’ve helped over 3,000 high school pupils learn more about the work environment, about various professions they might follow in the future and about ways in which they can choose a suitable career and increase their hiring chances.

For Children’s Day, with our colleagues’ involvement, we’ve managed to gather toys and educational items for over 200 children in need cared by FDP “ Protagonisti in Educatie” NGO, gifts which brought a smile and a surprise.

Moreover, as part of the “CSR month”, colleagues also had the opportunity to participate to a special webinar on volunteering, organized together with Progress and World Vision Romania Foundations. During this workshop, through examples, personal experiences and statistics, colleagues learnt more about how important and how much difference even a small volunteering action can make, while finding out info. on the volunteering situation in Romania.

The care for the environment and eco-friendly behaviours continued to be a focus point for both colleagues and the company during the first half of the year, with projects on optimizing the consumption of resources, webinars on green ideas (during the CSR month), or cleaning the nature activities, like the one organized together with Let’s Do It, Romania! NGO where over 100 colleagues helped return to nature various areas from the Arges Valley.

Societe Generale Global Solution Centre Romania is committed to continue its focus on CSR, in each of its streams (Environmental Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion, Citizenship, Sustainable IT and Sustainable Finance) and to create new opportunities to positively impact the community.

We are “Together for a Better & Sustainable Future” as goodness is the only investment that never fails!