Coding game AWS training for ITEC

In April, the IT division of SG EBS organized a different kind of training for its employees, called Coding Game AWS at TechHub. The Coding Game AWS was held by Alexandre Pinhel, Solutions architect at Amazon which has done these types of training in many countries like France, USA and India.

The training means playing with AWS services through detailed step by step instructions. It is used to help people to play with AWS technologies and discover it without constraints of the banking environment.

The participants discovered different AWS services where they don’t need to think about servers but just focus on the features of the application and the way to manage the security and authentication. They were put in the shoes of the 3rd employee of a new startup building an application to ride all over the world on unicorns.

The training was available to developers, architect and ops people, meaning every member of the IT community took part in this program in order to understand what AWS Cloud could bring and how easy it is to use serverless applications like Lambda, DynamoDB.

“It was my first time in Romania and I was positively surprised by the technical level of the people in the room, but especially on the mind process to look for a solution before asking for help. It was a bit surprising compared to other workshops. Having people digging and find solutions without asking for help until they are blocked is a good habit to inspire other countries : -) ” said Alexandre Pinhel.

“The cloud is part of the strategy of our company. I’m very glad that we did manage to have this interactive session with AWS in Bucharest also. In the near future there will be more initiatives towards this direction as SG EBS has plans to develop the people around this capacity as part of our Digital Transformation plan.” said Alexandru Poenaru, Head of GBIS Information Technology Bucharest. is proposing a number of free courses to understand the basics of AWS and start the journey.

They are using 4 pillars in every architecture and all IT people could leverage these pillars to build good applications (security, performance, reliability, cost optimization).

With 120+ services, almost every workload could be done, their solutions architect team is always happy to help people understand the services and help them use it.

Coding game AWS training for ITEC




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