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Sheraton Hotel

SG EBS present at the third edition of Romanian Outsourcing Summit

On the 23rd of March, at Sheraton Hotel, took place the third edition of Romania Outstanding Summit powered by The Diplomat Bucharest. The event brings together important companies and speakers that work in the outsourcing industry.

SG EBS was present from the first edition and this year, in the second panel which was about Technology Influencing the Services Industry, we had Olivier Heqc, Head of SSC IT, as our SG EBS representative.

The others speakers where:  Daniel Idzkowski – Associated director to CIMA, Liviu Lazarescu – IT Delivery Head for Wipo Technology, Marius Scuta – National Director at JLL and Mihaela Apostoleanu – Senior Director at Oracle.

The main subjects where around the future of technology, the evolution of tools and applications, cloud services, big data and robotics automation. These technologies are the future of the industry and are the main reasons for bringing new job opportunities on the Romanian market.

For example, moving the premises to cloud has become a trend adopted by most of the companies. The challenges now are more in the human direction than regarding technology which is know by many of the users involved. This is why we need to invest more in education, in developing our employees and keeping our jobs up to date.

Everybody knows that these changes are mandatory and we need to get ready for what’s to come even if it won’t impact our industry in the nearest future.

In conclusion, 2017 is another step in preparing for the technology trends that will soon come to the outsourcing industry.

SG EBS present at the third edition of Romanian Outsourcing Summit




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