1000 employees Celebration Day

On 15th of June we celebrated an important milestone: we have reached 1000 employees!

This day was, beside a moment of celebration for all of us, the perfect opportunity to present ourselves to the Romania mass media through a press conference in order to contribute to our image in Romania.

We started the day with a press conference dedicated to journalists from general, business and IT publications. We had around 10 senior and chef editors from Ziarul Financiar, Wall Street, Forbes, Biz Magazine, Agerpres, Romanian Insider, Cariere, Business Review, The Diplomat and Finzoom Media.

Representing us we had: Philippe Garcet – CEO Societe Generale European Business Services, Francoise Mercadal –Delasalles – Head of Resources and Innovation of Societe Generale and Xavier Lofficial – Head of Processes and Information Systems of Societe Generale.

The main topics of discussion where: Societe Generale at an international level, reasons to come invest in Romania, the evolution of Societe Generale European Business Services, how we managed to reach 1000 employees and the plans for next year.

The journalists were really interested in us and what we do different on the Romanian market. HR was a subject that came up over the entire conference and publications like Ziarul Financiar and Wall Street asked many questions about our benefits packages, what type of recruitment activities we do, what are our profiles of candidates and the evolution of IT sector from the recruitment point of view.

Our guests from Societe Generale Group’s management also joined us at the office, where they had contact with our unique way of transforming some of the Group’s specific topics or values (Innovation, Continuous Improvement) and at the same time to introduce them to our People and their Expertise.

Through these interactive sessions some of SG EBS employees had the chance to make their ideas and improvements more visible outside the centre and, on the other hand, our guests experienced some nice discussions with our specialists, finding interesting details about their knowledge, their commitment and also about their passions and talents. From a small concert to an interesting quiz based on SG EBS facts and from describing innovation to a demonstration of RPA technology, these few hours spent in our premises have shown that in SG EBS each and every one is encouraged to follow their dreams, to permanently develop, to grow.

We celebrated this entire day, in the evening, with all of our employees with a well deserved party, in our own traditional way, showing once again to our guests our young spirit.

Our 1st, 500th, 1000th and 1st per SSC colleagues were awarded by Francoise Mercadal Delasalles, Veronique Sani and Philippe Garcet for their commitment and devotement shown for our company.

The night was full of enthusiasm; all of us had a great time, remembering also all other good times we spent together throughout these past years.

1000 employees Celebration Day




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