Month: February 2023

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Societe Generale Global Solution Centre makes its mark at top business events   |   Events

  Taking part in business or corporate events offers many possibilities of networking and sharing of knowledge among experts from the same field. During 2022, SG GSC has had great opportunities to showcase its expertise, outstanding projects and to engage in meaningful conversations with partners and industry peers. All these during some of the most […]

Connecting with top talent by taking part in online & offline job fairs   |   Events

  Hybrid job fairs have become increasingly popular in the recent years, offering job seekers an alternative way of connecting and interacting with big, important companies. We are delighted to say that in 2022 we took part in 4 different job fairs and one event related to jobs and work opportunities dedicated to students. These […]

Our IT Filiere’s Journey: a recap of the year’s most notable IT gatherings   |   Events

2022 was a busy year with many opportunities to be present and talk about our IT Filiere and their great innovative, high-tech projects. TÂRGUL IT&C In March we took the time to meet with young students or recent graduates during TÂRGUL IT&C (organized by LSAC – Liga Studenților din Facultatea de Automatică și Calculatoare, Universitatea […]

Celebrating the SG GSC spirit through fun activities in the office   |   Events

For us coming back to the office, in a hybrid manner, is not only about work and meetings is also about social interaction and having fun together as a well-connected team. We are aware of the significance of a balance between work & fun and of taking the time to know each other through social […]