Funding program, new edition – Academy of Education for Differently Abled Persons

Funding program, new edition – Academy of Education for Differently Abled Persons

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Thank you for the submitted projects and for the valuable initiatives you carry out to support the education and integration of differently abled people.

Among the valuable proposals received, following the evaluation of the internal jury, the “ARIS Academy” project submitted by Pro-Civic / Association for Urban Development was designated as winner. The association will receive an official email with all the necessary details to start the collaboration.

Congratulations to the participants! We are sorry that we could not support all the initiatives received, but we hope that we will bring a contribution to this cause by supporting the beneficiaries helped through this project.


Societe Generale Global Solution Centre launches a new edition of its financing program aimed at supporting projects developed by non-governmental organizations in Romania.

The objective of the program is to financially support the initiatives created by NGOs in Romania to support the educational development of people with disabilities in accordance with the existing requirements on the labour market, to complement their skills with ones adapted to the needs of the market and in order to increase their future chances of employment.

The program is addressed to non-governmental organizations in Romania that have expertise in education and the ability to organize training programs dedicated to people with disabilities, This new edition of the funding program aims to collaborate with such an NGO to establish a training program, personalized and free, through which persons with disabilities can develop the necessary skills to be integrated into today’s digital workforce, thus driving their professional and personal growth.

The total budget of the program for 2022 is of maximum Euro 40,000

Eligibility criteria

The program is dedicated exclusively to non-governmental and non-profit organizations, established legally and with headquarters in Romania. Also, the organizations must prove they are registered in the ANAF Registry of non-profit entities for which the tax deduction is granted (ANAF Registry).

To be considered eligible, projects must meet the following eligibility criteria cumulatively:

  • Relevance to the program – In order to be considered eligible, the projects received under the Program must correspond to the objective of the program and fall within its fields of action (mandatory criteria);
  • Impact – The objectives and results of the projects are specific, clearly identified, measured and reported and contribute to solving or ameliorating the identified problem / need; And the implementation plan of the project proposal is split into clear stages, with deadlines (milestones) and correlated with the complexity of the activities;
  • Applicant experience – The NGO has proven experience in creating programs dedicated to people with disabilities;
  • Beneficiaries – The beneficiaries of the projects are people with disabilities;
  • Localization – All the activities of a project must be carried out in Romania;
  • BudgetAt least 75% of the requested amount is dedicated exclusively for the activities within the project.

Submission period is: 11.10.2022 – 01.11.2022.

The winner of the project will be announced in this section on 11.11.2022.

All the details regarding the application process are available here: Ghidul Solicitantului_ Academia de Educație pentru Persoane cu Dizabilități_program de finantare

Other necessary documents:

Anexa 1 – Cerere de finantare


Anexa 2 – Project Budget

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