Celebrating the Spirit of CSR at SG GSC Romania and India

Celebrating the Spirit of CSR at SG GSC Romania and India

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In 2021, Societe Generale’s Global Solution Centres (SG GSC) in Romania and India celebrated the Spirit of CSR to increase awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) related topics.

The CSR Month in Societe Generale’s Global Solution Centres in Romania and India was imagined to revive the atmosphere and create awareness around various topics. Each week was dedicated to a specific theme to steer the focus on aspects that matter both in our personal and professional lives – health, relationships, the natural world, and the global economy. Staff across the locations participated directly and indirectly in the initiatives introduced during the month of June, 2021 by the CSR extended teams.

Our centres also observe the spirit of United Nations (UN) celebrations and have condensed activities during the month of June to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030, to ultimately secure a healthy future for our society. More than 30 events and activities were launched during the month. “From awareness sessions, to the CSR learning catalogue, Diversity and Inclusion eLearning module, introduction of the P.A.U.S.E model, the CSR Pledge, donation drives, the first of ‘SG GSC’s No-Meeting Friday’ – everything was planned to reach out to all our colleagues, to create new experiences and to appeal to our civic spirit. These activities were the very ideas of SG GSC Romania and India colleagues.” says Ioana Botezatu, CSR Head, SG GSC Romania and India.

Watch the video messages from Mahesh Bathija – CSR Sponsor, SG GSC Romania and India, and Ioana Botezatu – CSR Head, SG GSC Romania and India.



Project key results and figures

  • 1 full month dedicated to CSR activity with 5 thematic weeks;
  • 31 events and information items;
  • more than 850 registrations for the Environment Week activities, and over 260 registrations for the Diversity Week activities;
  • 220% increase in CSR related eLearning taken in SG GSC India, and 80% increase in SG GSC Romania;
  • 1,000+ less conference calls and meetings on June, 25 – the first ‘No Meetings Friday’; up to 3,000 colleagues indirectly participated in the CSR Month through this initiative;
  • 4 ideas on Sustainable Banking, including early warning tools for ESG risk and applications to encourage sustainable purchasing habits for consumers;
  • 300 respondents to the CSR Survey launched on June 30, and 150 respondents to ‘No Meetings Friday’ Survey;
  • 660 participants committed to individual pledges in the ‘Sakura Tree’ internal application.

Many more colleagues have been part of the initiative in individual actions such as blood donation, signing up to become an LGBTQ+ ally and various other actions which cannot be all quantified.

Corporate Social Responsibility at SG GSC

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at the heart of our business strategy and we are committed to conducting all our activities in a responsible manner. At Societe Generale’s Global Solution Centres in Romania and India, the CSR strategy focuses on creating positive impact in the environment and societies we operate in. CSR is a leadership priority and we have two pillars, Corporate CSR and CSR as a Service, that are supported by the CSR OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) system and the five CSR streams. This governance model is in place to ensure CSR initiatives are implemented with adequate high-level support and resources.